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Emily Gilmore, PT, DPT, received her doctorate of physical therapy degree from UAB in 2012. Her career has been spent in outpatient orthopedics and women's health. She has received advanced training in dry needling, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobility, and pelvic rehabilitation. It was her struggles after having children that sparked a passion for prenatal and postpartum rehabilitation. She offers community education resources and online webinars through Mothers on the Mend to promote better postpartum care. She has extensive experience in working with patients who have TMJ dysfunction and chronic headaches. 

"I believe that every patient deserves an individualized and holistic treatment approach that focuses on your goals. Often we have to zoom out from the primary region of complaint and identify, "WHY is this problem here in the first place?" Identifying the root of the problem is essential to developing long-lasting results.  Mental health, sleep hygiene, nutrition, and fitness status all play significant roles in your healing capacity. I spend time taking a detailed history, identifying your goals, and tailoring all programs to reach those goals and build resiliency so you can THRIVE in your life. Taking the time to educate you on your condition and factors that are contributing to symptoms is essential to helping you become an active participant in your treatment. I want you to understand WHAT we are doing, WHY we are doing it, and HOW it's going to help you reach your goals. I'm committed to life-long learning, collaboration with other professionals, problem-solving, and creativity to help you live your best life."


Rachel Moran, PT, DPT, received her doctorate of physical therapy from UAB in 2019. The focus of her practice has been outpatient orthopedics and pregnancy/postpartum rehabilitation. She has received advanced training in pelvic rehabilitation, functional dry needling, and pilates. Her passion for holistic health and wellness along with her love for fitness drive her comprehensive approach to patient care.

"I believe that patients ultimately thrive when intentional one-on-one treatment is paired with clinical expertise and education. Health is multifaceted,  therefore physical therapy must be as well. My philosophy is that the best care is delivered in a comprehensive, individualized manner that empowers patients to incorporate health and wellness into every aspect of their lives."



Crista Hargett, PT, DPT received her doctorate of physical therapy in 2018 from University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. She has focused her career on outpatient orthopedics treating wide variety of patients including high school athletes. She then developed a passion for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction and educating both the community and other physical therapists. She currently teaches the PTA program at Wallace State Community College. Crista’s passion for orthopedics, pelvic floor dysfunction and education has lead her to treat patients as a whole, not just their diagnosis. 

“I believe in treating patients the way I would want to be treated. I think individualized care, education, kindness and empowerment are the fastest ways to healing. My goal for each patient is to feel like not only are they being heard, but also that they reach THEIR goals in life! I think the best way to reach goals and empower someone as a patient is to educate. Educating on the anatomy and physiology of the body is only just the start - delving into other aspects of one’s life greatly can contribute to how our bodies are working physically. If we laser focus only on the injury/diagnosis - we miss the whole patient.” 


Darby Hutchison, PT, DPT is originally from Huntsville, AL. She received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Auburn University in 2018 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Samford University in 2021. While in PT school, Darby gained experience in treating women with pelvic floor dysfunction and completed further education in this area. Her practice has been in outpatient orthopedics and pelvic health with specialized experience in sports medicine, dance medicine, and pilates. Darby is excited to help her patients return to their normal by providing one-on-one, holistic care!

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Louise Webb, PT, DPT graduated from UAB in 2016 with her doctorate in physical therapy. Prior to joining Thrive, she spent her career in the orthopedic field, where she was passionate about holistic treatment and prioritized the importance of

one-on-one care. She has received extensive training in Pilates and utilizes multiple apparatuses to aid in patient recovery. Louise focuses her manual therapy on both soft tissue mobilization, including dry needling intervention, and neuromuscular facilitation. Through her own experience, Louise discovered a desire to help others
have a positive pregnancy journey, both prenatally and postpartum, ultimately leading to her transition into women’s health.


Ann Bradford received her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Towson University where she worked with collegiate athletes in various sports. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Drexel University and has trained in pelvic rehabilitation through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. Additionally, she received advanced training in functional dry needling, sports medicine, and corrective exercise in pregnancy and post-partum care.

Ann’s passion in physical therapy is to help empower patients through education, self-efficacy, and skillfully prescribed treatment to accomplish challenges once thought impossible because of their physical condition-and to have fun while doing it! She strives to provide holistic, individualized care to meet patients where they are, walk alongside them, and help them to achieve their goals.

She attends Shades Mountain Baptist Church and enjoys discovering new places and staying active with her husband Jackson, and their dog, Ollie. 



Kelly Johnson serves as our office manager. She has held many roles since receiving her bachelor of human science degree in hotel and restaurant management from Auburn University including hotel sales coordinator, gallery event planner, wedding director, and stay-at-home mom. Kelly currently oversees our social media and keeps our team & office organized.   

"As a Thrive patient myself, I have benefitted greatly from physical therapy. I appreciate the holistic approach taken by our team. Under their care I have experienced pain relief from dry needling and pelvic floor/diastasis recti rehabilitation from a personalized exercise regimen rather than the use of medication.  I just wish I had known about pre & postpartum physical therapy when I was pregnant. Come see us! You won't regret it!" 


Shay Sandlin serves as our front office coordinator. She received her degree in Athletic Training from Huntingdon College in 2016 and worked in orthopedics before joining the Thrive team. You'll find Shay fielding calls, scheduling appointments, and welcoming patients into the office each day!

"As a patient myself, I have truly felt the incredible benefits of a more holistic approach to my health and fitness journey. Emily and Rachel have helped guide me along the way, and I'm eternally grateful for them. Come see us at Thrive! I promise to greet you with a smile and probably show you a picture of my dog!"

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