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When I was postpartum with my second child, I realized the true deficits in postpartum care. Often during this phase you may need consults and treatment from several different people such as nutrition, lactation, physical therapy, counseling, and fitness. But all of these services are spread out, sometimes hard to access, and no one communicates. I told my husband that there needs to be a place that has all of these things under one roof, and he said, “Why don’t you create that?” and I responded, “Ahhh because I’m scared.”

But I couldn't shake the dream for a holistic model with multiple practitioners of different specialties working together to pursue true healing and wellness through collaboration.  So, I created Thrive! While we currently only treat patients via physical therapy, the goal is to eventually house all of these practitioners under the "Thrive" umbrella!

My best friend reminded me that I’ve been talking about owning something of my own since I was 15. This path leading to entrepreneurship has been brutal. It’s been filled with excitement, self-doubt, dreams, insecurities, passion, and fear of failure. I feel like it’s been the craziest up and down of emotions. But, I’m excited about building something new and about having the freedom to be creative, innovate, and evolve as this vision grows. I’m excited about being more flexible for my family and especially about being more flexible for my patients.

-Emily Gilmore, Owner

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